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Easy Ways To Make Money With Blog

Easy Ways To Make Money With Blog. When I say easy to make money, I don’t mean that you can build a blog now and start earning 30 minutes later. No, that doesn’t sound possible especially if you are new to the blogging world.

But creating a blog and making it a source of income is definitely possible. Many have done it and some are successful enough to turn their blog into their main source of income and live comfortably. I haven’t reached to that level yet but I am working on it.

Easy Way To Monetize Your Blog

4 Easy Ways To Make Money With Your Blog

For those of you that are searching for some easy ways to monetize your blog, here are 4 ways to make money that you can try.

1) Generate Your Income Via Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement where an online retailer pays commission to a website for sales or traffic generated by referral links. In simple words, all you have to do is to join an affiliate marketing network like Amazon or ShareASale. You can also choose to collaborate with an individual. Then you have to promote or do a review of a certain product using your affiliate link. When someone clicks on your link and buys the product or ebook then you will receive a commission based on a certain percentage of the price of the product.

Two things to take into consideration if you wished to earn consistently through your affiliate links are: 1) Choose wisely the type of products you want to promote. Usually, if you have a specific blog niche it is easier to get ‘sales’ when you promote a product that is associated with your blog niche. 2) Learn to write articles that ‘sells’. You must know the right way to attract your audience to buy the product that you are promoting.

2) Monetize With Ads

I feel that one of the easiest way to earn from your blog is by placing ad banners from advertising companies. The most popular would be Google Adsense. But if you have a higher source of consistent traffic then you can apply for Mediavine.

To monetize with Ads is as easy as just placing the ad codes at the strategic places on your website. Your work is to write your posts as usual and attract as much traffic as possible to your blog. You will start earning when someone clicks on an ad banner or you can also earn through ads when you have a high traffic source.

Try to avoid placing pop-up ads on your website. Among the cons of pop-up ads are, your blog takes longer to load and this type of ads usually redirects to another site thus increasing your bounce rate and decreasing your pageviews.

3) Sell Your Own Product

If you have your own product or an E-book, a blog can be like your very own virtual shop. All you have to do is to promote your product or advertise your E-book through your blog posts.

To reach a wider audience, you must also be active on all your other social media platforms. The more you promote your product through your blog posts and social media platforms, the higher the chances to increase your sales. Here are some tricks to increase blog post shares and reach your potential customers.

4) Earn Through Paid Reviews

Another way to earn from your blog is by reviewing products. Some companies will pay you to review their product. Usually, you would also be given the product to try it out first before you do any review about it.

If you are interested in product reviews, all you have to do is to reach out to a company or individual regarding their product. Offer to do a review about their product and discuss your price for a blog post. Do not set a very high price if you are just beginning to review products.

Easy Ways To Make Money With Blog

There you go 4 Easy Ways To Make Money With Your Blog. Which of these 4 is the source of income from your blog? What other ways do you monetize your blog?

Share your views in the comment section below.

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  1. I appreciate your blog.This is the first time i am visiting to your post.really it’s so intersresting to read.Please keep up writing. Thanx for sharing.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Thank you Thomas 🙂

  2. Very informative blog. Thanx for sharing.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Thank you Larhonda 🙂

  3. Joline says:

    Affiliate marketing is an art and there’s a lot of hits and misses. But once you get into one that’s the right fit, it can be a nice income stream.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Yes I have to agree that once you get the right fit, the sales will flow in.

  4. As someone who actively uses adblocker I am all for those except ads on sites. Anything flash based is a huge frustration for me and I think ads can be done so much better.

    1. karenmonica says:

      I am still ok with ad banners but hates those pop-up ads especially the ones that redirect you to another side without you clicking on it.

  5. I have done 3 out of 4 of these on my blog so far! The only one I haven’t done yet is a paid review. They are great ways to make an income on something I already love doing.

    1. karenmonica says:

      I am sure soon you can get a lot of paid review, your blog is doing very well Stephanie 🙂

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