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Hi everyone, I’m Karen Monica. I was born and raised in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. I’m a freelance writer and crafter.

I first started blogging in 2012. It started out as a personal diary but when I realised that I could make money from my blog, that was when I started to get serious about it.

At the beginning of my blogging days, I used to blog in Bahasa Malaysia. But in 2018 I decided to challenge myself to start an English blog and try to reach a larger audience.

On the 16 of August 2018, karenmonica.com became my first English blog. You would think that with many blogging years, starting a new blog would be a piece of cake right. Well that was what I thought.

Turned out to be that after I started karenmonica.com, I felt like a new kid on the block. It was a different game. Reaching out to the Malaysian ‘audience’ was easy peasy. I knew what type of articles the locals loved to read, so blog traffic was always exploding. Having my post rank on the first page of google was something that I could easily achieve for almost every post.

Unfortunately, it was completely different with karenmonica.com. The type of topics that I used to write, didn’t cater to my new audience. The SEO techniques that I practised before somehow is not working with my new site. It was so difficult to get organic traffic.

Did I regret starting a new site?

Never. Not even for a second. Starting karenmonica.com was a new life experience for me. It’s like travelling the world at the comfort of my home. I had a chance to learn so many new things about the blogging world. I have come across so many successful bloggers who are living their dreams and at the same time continues to inspire and motivate others to be as successful as they are.

My blogging journey continues. It may not be smooth sailing but I would continue to enjoy the rollercoaster ride. Recently I have started my second English blog – Be Creative Think Creative. I believe that everyone are created to create. I wish to inspire others to use their creativity and create a life that they have been dreaming off.

Dreams become reality when you add passion and a little effort. If you feel that my blogging journey could inspire you to live your dreams, do follow me through my posts and on all my social media accounts. Together let’s prove to ourselves and to the world that nothing is impossible.

For collaborations, product review, guest post, sponsorship and ads placement do contact me using the contact form provided or email me at karen5368@gmail.com or admin@karenmonica.com

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