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It has been a while. Where do I start. Technically this dashboard does look a bit different. I think the last I logged on to this site more than a year ago. So many things have changed.

So much to say but sometimes it’s best that the past remains in the past. Along the way I have realised that this is a journey and not a destination. I am here to learn and not to conquer.

My Story

I was scrolling Tiktok earlier this morning and came across a writing challenge that sounded fun to be a part of. My writing skills sucks at the moment. I can’t remember when was the last I wrote a few paragraphs. I am planning to get this site up and running again. To summarize it I just want to start writing again so here I am. Back again after a 3 year gap.

Reading is my number one passion and forever will be. This time around I have decided to share more about the genre of books that I read. I still love papercrafts, so there will be some art and craft post coming up.

Currently I am a sewing addict too. I just love sewing bags and cute stuff. Definitely there will be loads of posts about my sewing journey.

Finally this site will be my space to polish up my writing skills. There are gonna be loads and loads of short stories to come. If God wills.

Anyway it does feel good to be back. This time with a much more personal touch. Something closer to heart.

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