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Write Your First Blog Post

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Write Your First Blog Post. You are starting to write your very first blog post. You are excited to share all your ideas with the world. At the same time scared that you might do it wrong. Don’t stress yourself out, just go on and start typing. Get those words out to the screen.

It’s my First Blog Post here. I may have written more than a thousand post for my other blogs. But somehow writing my first blog post in a new website, brings shivers to my fingers. I am wondering what should I say in my first blog post.

Write Your First Blog Post


How To Write Your First Blog Post

If you are stuck and wondering what to write in your first post, these few steps below might give you an idea before you hit the publish button.

1) Introduce

Introduce your blog instead of yourself in your first post. You can introduce yourself on your About Me page later. Tell your future readers what your blog is about. Tell them what you are planning to share in your future posts. Give them a rough idea about what they can expect to get from your blog or website.

For example, my blog Karen Monica has a tagline Be Creative Think Creative. I want my blog to be something different and unique. There will be a lot of hands-on projects for readers to learn something new.

2) Niche

Explain to your readers if you have chosen a niche for your blog. Is it going to be about gadgets, beauty tips or about pets maybe? If you have not chosen a specific niche, then you can just explain the topics that you are planning to share in future posts.

My readers here can expect to read more tips about blogging, finance, beauty and lifestyle. I will also include loads of step by step craft tutorials. Below are some example topics for my future post

  • Blog – places to promote your blog post, how to increase blog traffic, free plugins for WordPress and ….many more
  • Finance – how to prepare a simple budget, the best way to save money, how to earn money online …and loads more
  • Beauty – how to remove dark circles, a guide to great skin, flat tummy tips …. and much much more
  • Lifestylehow to be a successful woman, rules for a simple life, how to be a minimalist …. and many more
  • Craft –  different card folds tutorial, learn to make a pop-up card, turn an old novel into a beautiful vase and the list of tutorials go on

3) Media

When you write your first blog post and all future post include photos or videos. Choose suitable photos that connect well with your blog post. Sometimes a photo can express what you can’t explain in words. Include interesting and engaging videos for your readers to clearly understand the topic that you are writing about. Videos also make readers stay longer at your site and this helps to reduce bounce rate (will explain this in one of my future posts)

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4) Informative

Remember that every post you write is for the benefits of your readers. Every post you publish has to be informative and never waste your readers time. Before you publish each post, ask yourself this simple question. ” Will my reader gain anything usable or knowledgeable from this post?” If your answer is YES, then go on and hit that publish button. If your answer is NO, then you better edit your post before you publish it.

5) Attractive

The moment you owned a blog, you definitely want readers to come back and read every new post that you publish. In order to achieve this, you got to make every post attractive and engaging. How to do that? Write your first blog post and all future post with:

  • interesting topics – Choose topics that will attract readers to your blog. You need to do some survey to get ideas.
  • answer the reader’s question – A reader reads a post to get answers, so make sure your post explains a topic clearly. Use words that are easy to understand and try to write short straight to the point sentences.
  • update regularly – Update your blog as often as you can. A new post can attract more readers to your blog. Every reader likes something new and fresh. So try your best to post new ideas.

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6) Grammar

Your blog is not an essay where your grammar has to be perfect to get good grades. But remember to always double check your article before you hit the publish button. Too many typing errors will distract a reader’s focus while reading your post. To appear as a professional blogger, try to avoid unnecessary typing errors.

Well, I think this is all that you need to Write Your First Blog Post. Don’t waste too much time wondering what to write or how to write it. Create your own style. Be unique. Be creative. Just be yourself and start your very own blog post now.

IF you have any questions, go ahead and ask me in the comment section below. Or if you would like to receive FREE weekly blog tips in your inbox, do leave your name and email in the column below.

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  1. Yogesh Painkra says:

    Hello I’m hoping to start writing blogs but don’t know how, where to begin. If ,is there any formet please share with me.

  2. Thanks for this writing tips, i will bookmark and share with my friend that are also bloggers.

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