5 Causes Of Skin Dehydration
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5 Causes Of Skin Dehydration

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Have you ever wondered what causes Skin Dehydration? Dry and dehydrated skin conditions will make the skin looks dull and full of wrinkles. People always say dehydrated skin is usually a result of lack of drinking water.

Though drinking enough water plays a big part, there are also a few other factors that causes skin dehydration. Before I elaborate further on that, first let us check out the signs of skin dehydration.

5 Causes Of Skin Dehydration

5 Signs Of Skin Dehydration

  • itchiness
  • dullness
  • dark circles under the eyes
  • fine lines & wrinkles
  • scaly skin or white flakes on skin

What Cause The Skin To Look Dry?

Here are the list of 5 things that could cause skin dehydration.

1. Skincare

Recheck the ingredients of your skincare. Does it contains a lot of harsh ingredients that is drying up your skin? When choosing the type of skincare products, make sure it is suitable for your skin. If the product you are using is somehow drying up your skin, stop using it immediately.

2. Lifestyle

The choice of food and drinks and your daily workout does have an effect on your skin too. Daily exercise actually does wonders for your skin. Sweat removes toxin and makes your skin looks healthy. As for the choice of food, fruits and vegetable has a lot of nutrients that are a good source of vitamin for your skin.

If you are coffee, tea or alcohol drinker then your skin will tend to dehydrate faster because those drinks will make you to urine more frequently.

3. Age

Age might be just a number to most of us unfortunately as we grow older, the moisture of our skin will gradually decrease. Our skin will look more drier. Wrinkles and fine lines will be more noticeable too.

As you age, try to cut down on coffee and tea. Instead drink more water and fruit juices to maintain the moisture of your skin.

4. Hot Shower

Who doesn’t like a hot shower after a hard and stressful day? Hot water helps to relax the body but at the same time it also reduces the skin moisture making the skin to dry easily. Cold shower is actually good for the skin and sometime ago I came across an article that shared many benefits of having a cold shower.

Unfortunately during the cold weather its difficult to have a cold shower and everyone got to have hot showers. So to prevent the skin from getting dry, just make sure to apply lotion to moisturize your skin.

5. Environment

Speaking of the weather, actually the environment plays a part in the health of our skin too. Living in a hot, dry and windy environment can dehydrate the skin twice faster. For those of you who spend many hours in the air conditioned room, I am sure you have noticed that your skin tends to look drier than usual.

What Are The Causes Of Skin Dehydration

Now you know the 5 causes for skin dehydration, which factor seems to be the major problem for your skin? Mine is definitely the environment. To prevent my skin from dehydration, I always make sure to drink enough of water and apply lotion each time after I take a shower.

If you have any tips to prevent skin dehydration, do share with me and my audience in the comments section below.

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  1. The northeast winters combined with my love of coffee and hot showers wreak havoc on my skin. I could definitely use a dose of more water and additional fruits and veggies in my diet as suggested.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Don’t forget to add some moisturizing lotion as well πŸ™‚

  2. Andrea Larson says:

    Although this winter was not the coldest one, the skin on my hands got dehydrated. This is first time I experience something like this, so it looks like more connected to the age and not the weather. Gotta start taking proper care of my skin now πŸ™‚

    1. karenmonica says:

      As we age, our skin does tend to get drier than before πŸ™‚

  3. I know hot showers aren’t great for the skin, but man I do love my hot showers. I do usually put lotion on afterward to try to combat it. I also live in south Texas, so it gets very hot here.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Hot showers are very relaxing but since the weather does gets hot at times, alternate with a few cold showers too πŸ™‚

  4. I have skin allergy for using high chemical soap such as beauty products and also I have food allergy for seafood and preserve food. Thanks for the info nice post!

    1. karenmonica says:

      Since you have an allergy then always try to find a suitable skincare.

  5. I realized I had dehydrated skin a while ago! Using a humidifier and moisturizing a lot has helped me tremendously πŸ™‚ This is such a informative article!

    1. karenmonica says:

      A great moisturizer does wonders for the skin πŸ™‚

  6. Thats a great post! I can relate to this, have dehydrated skin as well ! I don’t drink water that’s the major reason behind this and also I spend maximum hours in AC room!

    1. karenmonica says:

      Drinking water is important. Not only for your skin but for your health too πŸ™‚

  7. Liza Perry says:

    I have skin dehydration and I so agree with all you wrote! The lifestyle is really something that is important when you want your skin to be at its best!

    1. karenmonica says:

      Yes, I am sure everyone dreams of having healthy looking skin πŸ™‚

  8. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    My skin tends to be on the dry side. After I shower (before toweling off) I put baby oil on my skin to lock in the moisture. I also don’t have any issues with drinking water so that helps a bit. The only thing beyond my control would probably be the environment. Living in the urban jungle does damage on one’s skin.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Baby oil works wonders for the skin too. Unfortunately yes the environment does play a big part is causing the skin to dry.

  9. I agree with everything you mentioned here! i also think that drinking plenty of water makes a big difference

    1. karenmonica says:

      Yes, drinking plenty of water is great for the skin.

  10. I think age certainly has a good deal to do with my dry skin. It wasn’t this dry as a child. But I do think possibly healthy eating and some other things would help. I’m nervous about using product though.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Yes, age does play a part too. If you don’t want to use any product, just make sure to drink enough water and extra fruits and veg in your diet.

  11. Man, guilty and hopefully I can take care of my skin more starting having ideas from your list

    1. karenmonica says:

      All the best in taking care of your skin πŸ™‚

  12. Enviornment play the main role in skin dehydration, as so much of air pollution.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Yes the environment is also a major cause of dry skin.

  13. My skin is very dry and it gets worse in winters. I guess it is because of hot shower. Thank you for sharing.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Always apply moisturizing lotion after a hot shower.

  14. Becca Wilson says:

    These are all definitely factors as to why your skin can be feeling a little dry. The environment where I live is a huge factor.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Unfortunately, the environment is something we can’t control so just drink extra water and use extra moisturizer.

  15. This is a great overview of the different causes that came just at the right time for me. I didn’t keep all the causes in mind and realize I want/need to pay more attention to what is affecting my skin, not just how much water I drink. Thank you!

    1. karenmonica says:

      You are welcome πŸ™‚

  16. we have our heaters on at home during the colder days and that is one of the biggest causes for my skin to dehydrate..

    1. karenmonica says:

      Always apply moisturizing lotion. It really helps.

  17. Good read. Concise and to the point. That darn coffee. I need to cut it back

    1. karenmonica says:

      Yes caffeine does dry up the skin

  18. Since my skin is very dry and delicate I can relate so much with what you write. By the way, if you are a hard coffee and alcohol drinker the reason why the skin is dry is because kidneys overwork and take all the water from the other tissues. As far as I know, urinati often is always a good sign, but for sure you must rehidratate with water as much as possibile.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Yes always rehydrate with extra water if you are having extra coffee or alcohol.

  19. good for skin
    thanks for your opinion

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