Malaysian Fruits – Delicious And Nutritious

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Malaysian Fruits that you must taste and enjoy. Malaysia has a variety of delicious and nutritious fruits. These fruits come in different colours, shapes and sizes. They smell differently too.

If you ask a Malaysian, what is the most popular fruit in Malaysia? 99% would definitely say, Durian. Though it’s odour may not attract tourist but once you’ve tasted it, you would fall in love with its custard-like creamy taste.

Malaysian Fruits - Delicious And Nutritious

Previously I have shared with you the Most Popular Food in Malaysia. The food that we as Malaysians enjoy and many tourist that comes to Malaysia enjoys it too.

Today, I will share with you a few of the most popular fruit that can be found easily in Malaysia and if you are a tourist in Malaysia, you must not miss the opportunity to try out these fruits. Anything taste way better when you eat it in the country it is grown.

9 Malaysian Fruits That You Must Taste

Here are the list of my choice of 9 Malaysian Fruits that is a must try.

Durian - Malaysian Fruit


Durian is known as the Raja Buah (King of Fruits). You either love this fruit or you hate it. Never in between. Many hate this fruit because of it’s strong odour. Some have even describe it as the smelliest fruit in the world. But for the ones that love the taste of Durian, the smell is so tempting that they don’t mind paying a large sum of money just to buy this thorny fruit.

It’s not easy to open up a durian if you are not a pro. Be prepared with gloves because the thorns are sharp and you need to put a little pressure to open the fruit. Inside you will usually find white or yellow custard like thick flesh. It can either be sweet or a bit bitter in taste but very creamy. Durian is rich in vitamin A, C, E, B1, B2, Calcium, Protein and high in Fibre.


Mangoesteen - Malaysian Fruits

Mangosteen or locally known as Manggis is dubbed the Queen of fruits. Why? One, because it has a crown-like shape at the top of it and two because it is always available at the same time as Durian. The king is always accompanied by his queen, doesn’t he? When it is ripe, the Mangosteen is dark purple on the outside and has white edible flesh inside. You just have to put the fruit in the middle of both your palm and press it open. Then eat the sweet white flesh inside.

Rambutan - Malaysian Fruits


Rambutan has a hairy outer skin. When it is ripe, it is either red or yellow. To eat its flesh, you got to peel its outer hairy skin. The rambutan does resemble the lychee. It taste very sweet and can be bought for about RM5 per kilo.

Papaya Or Betik


Papaya or locally known as Betik, is another fruit that is commonly found in Malaysia. The papaya is oval shape and has a green outer skin. When it is ripe, the outer skin turns yellow or orangey. To eat this fruit, you got to peel the outer skin and cut it open. Inside you will find hundreds of black seeds. Remove the seeds and treat yourself to some soft sweet and juicy papaya flesh.



A Cempedak looks very similar to a jackfruit (Nangka). However the size of a cempedak is much smaller and it has a stronger smell. To cut open a cempedak, it is advice to oil your knife first to make the process easier. Inside of the cempedak, you will find golden yellow flesh that taste sweet. But Malaysians prefer to eat the fried version of cempedak or better known as Cempedak Goreng. The cempedak flesh is dipped into a flour batter and deep fried until it is golden brown.



The starfruit gets its name from it’s star like shape when it is cut horizontally. In Malaysia, the Starfruit is also know as Belimbing. The starfruit is usually sold either light green or yellowish green. It can be eaten with it’s skin. The starfuit is good to be eaten by those with diabetic. It can also be blended into juice.

Jambu Air

Jambu Air

Jambu Air or Water Guava is also known as rose apple or water apple. The Jambu Air is a bell-shaped fruit that is either light pink or dark red when ripe. It is crunchy, juicy and sweet… very similar to an apple. The locals like to eat Jambu Air dipped in a spicy sauce. The sauce is made of dark soya sauce, sugar and chillies. Malaysian love anything and everything spicy.



Known as Ciku to the locals, the Sapodilla fruit is very sweet. At a glance the Ciku looks like a potato. To eat the ciku, you got to peel its brown skin and beneath that you will find its sweet flesh and it also has a black seed inside. It can be quite difficult to find ciku all year round because it’s tree only bears fruits twice a year.



The Langsat has a transparent flesh that has a combination of sweet and sour taste. But before you eat it, first you have to peel off its light brown skin. Inside its transparent flesh, you would find a few flat seeds. Do not eat the seeds, it tastes bitter.

Malaysian Fruits - Delicious And Nutritious

Which of the 9 Malaysian Fruits listed above have you tasted or maybe its one of your favourite? Do share with me in the comment section below.

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  1. Joline says:

    I love tropical fruits. The langsat is my favourite (the Filipino name for it is lanzones). When it’s in season they are sweet and delicious!

    1. karenmonica says:

      Thank you for sharing it’s Filipino name Joline ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m always fascinated by exotic fruits. I love fruits in general so when I see one I’ve never heard of before I instantly want to try them.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Well hopefully you get to try them all soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Papaya and star fruit are the only ones Iโ€™ve ever heard of. But I love trying all types of fruit, so any of these sounds wonderful!

    1. karenmonica says:

      I am sure you would love the taste of the other fruits too ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Neely Moldovan says:

    Oh these all sound so good! I would love to try some fun exotic fruit!

    1. karenmonica says:

      They taste good too ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I donโ€™t think i have every tried any of those before but would love too! Thanks for sharing these!

    1. karenmonica says:

      Do try these fruits if you have a chance, Lisa. You would love them ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I have only ever tried papaya and starfruit. I would be open to trying the rest though if I got the chance!

    1. karenmonica says:

      Did you enjoy those two fruits?

  7. Zerin Hassan says:

    I have never seen any of these fruits . They look great and unique. I reckon some of these would be great for dessert! YUM

    1. karenmonica says:

      All these fruits would be great for dessert and yes they are yummylicious ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I love papaya! I wish that there were opportunities try all of those other fruits.

    1. karenmonica says:

      If you do get an opportunity, do try the other fruits too. They are all juicy and delicious.

  9. I am huge fan of fruits and love them…. I have tasted all except Langsat and Cempedak. Love all and would love to taste the fruits which I missed ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. karenmonica says:

      I am sure you would love langsat and cempedak too. Both very different in taste and texture.

  10. Papaya and Ciku are my favorite fruits. Papaya is one fruit that I eat daily…in fact, Papaya black seeds are very good exfoliator so sometimes I use it as a face mask too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. karenmonica says:

      Ciku is one of my favourites too. Yes, the papaya fruit and seeds are good for the skin too.

  11. Have only heard of/tried star fruit and papaya (and actual lychees, not their twin you show here) but LOVE LOVE LOVE all three. Yum!

    1. karenmonica says:

      The rambutan (lychee twin) is yummy too. You would love it.

  12. Glenda says:

    Wow so many fruits Iโ€™ve never seen before. The only Malaysian fruit Iโ€™ve tasted before is papya . Iโ€™m sure they all taste delicious.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Do try these fruits if you have a chance. They are all very delicious.

  13. Christa says:

    A friend of mine is in Malaysianright now and she keeps posting amazing pictures to Facebook. Between her adventures and this post, I really want to go!

    1. karenmonica says:

      Malaysia is a beautiful country with yummy food and fruits. Do come and visit soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Christa says:

    A friend of mine is in Malaysianright now and she keeps posting amazing pictures to Facebook. Between her adventures and this post, I really want to go!

  15. Melanie williams says:

    Oh wow hoe interesting and exotic. Not heard of some of these fruits before, but would to try them out xx

    1. karenmonica says:

      Can be easily found over here. Do try them if you get a chance.

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