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The 7 Golden Rules Of Cleansing

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Cleaning your face is one of the most fundamental steps for every skincare routine. During the day, our faces pick up dirt, bacteria, and germs and for some of us, we fill our faces with makeup while at night, the skin releases toxins and sebum which if not cleansed properly, could cause the accumulation of sebum hence breakouts.

Usually, acne is caused by having excess sebum production, lack of enough moisture on the face or by acne germs. Basically, dead skin forms when excess sebum clogs the pores causing scars, marks and breakouts thus acne. Thus, cleansing should be taken just as seriously and depending on one’s type of facial skin, one should know how to choose a cleanser, and the right cleanser for that matter.

The 7 Golden Rules Of Cleansing

The 7 Golden Rules Of Cleansing Your Face

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Well, no matter your skin type, these 7 golden rules of cleansing will work the magic for your face:

1. Cleanse both in the morning and evening.

Cleaning your face twice a day, and not more than that is one of the most important rules of skincare. Usually, cleanse in the morning and in the evening.

Overnight, your skin works on repairing itself hence releasing sebum that accumulates on your skin. Thus, you have to remove these cells, dead skin cells and debris in the morning with a good cleanse which also prepares your skin to take up all the ingredients you will use on your face afterwards.

In the evening, you need to remove makeup, dirt and other grime of the day from your face to prevent breakouts and age spots. This also allows your skin to breathe as you sleep.

But remember, your morning cleanse should not be as thorough as your evening cleanse.

2. Don’t wash your face with bar or hand soap.

Bars of Soap

We have been told a million times to stay away from bar soap but we don’t seem to listen, right?

Well, the skin on our faces tend to function better while in a slightly acidic state while these bar soaps have high pH making them too harsh for our skin.  Bar soaps is very alkaline hence tend to strip the face off its natural oils, drying it out and leaving you with a tight, unpleasant feeling. I’m certain no one would want this!

If you have to use bar soap, then go for soaps with great organic ingredients like clay, aloe vera and much more!

3. Choose a cleanser that targets your skin concerns.

Mess up with the wrong cleanser and you will cry out the whole time! I mean, if you want to see how much your skin can misbehave, get the wrong cleanser!

Thus, any cleanser you buy must always be of your skin type. While a gel cleanser will purify and give a soft matte finish hence ideal for oily skin, a milky/creamy cleanser is good for dry or mature skin.

Types Of Cleanser

4. Don’t use a cleanser that leaves you dry or tight.

Bar soaps will give us that dry, tight feeling on the face but trust me, cleansers too can because these cleansers will strip off your natural oils. For example: if you have oily skin and you feel this sensation which obviously leads to more sebum production, say goodbye to that cleanser!

5. Enhance your cleansing with a cleaning device.

The skin on our faces is thin and requires no pressure but it’s unfortunate to realize that we exert a lot of pressure on your faces during cleansing. If this is you, quit that and get a cleansing brush which is more effective! Cleansing with your ring finger can be so fine but trust me, you will be amazed at how good a brush can be!

Cleaning device

6. Follow with toning.

Some call it the last step of cleansing while others call it the first step of feeding the face. Well, I can call it both because toning is so fundamental for good skin! Using a toner, all left over impurities are removed from your face and yes, it also minimises pores, balances pH and prepares the skin for products that follow.

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7. Don’t use piping hot water on your face.

Cleasing face with water

After experimenting with both cold and hot water for my face, I finally fell for cold water.  Cold water gives you such a cool feeling on the face that your skin will thank you for! As well, warm water might feel relaxing but actually causes a drying effect on the skin. To avoid flaky skin, just use cold water.

With those 7 golden rules of cleansing, you can cheer to a beautiful skin. And if you have never thought of incorporating cleansing into your skincare routine, then it’s time!

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The 7 Golden Rules Of Cleansing

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  1. Alexandra says:

    I could definitely improve my skincare routine –
    thank you for the tips. I am saving this post to follow up on later,
    Here’s to great skin!

    1. karenmonica says:

      Here’s to great skin for all of us 🙂

  2. Cheers to clean, beautiful skin with the 7 golden rules indeed Monica! I’m glad you appreciate my writing as I do yours.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Appreciate you sharing these 7 cleansing tips that will benefit women to have beautiful skin.

  3. I need to start focusing on cleansing and my skincare! Thanks for sharing these tips.

    1. karenmonica says:

      You’re welcome Brittany 🙂

  4. Sundeep says:

    Your blog is enriching. It just enhances my knowledge of the topic.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Thank you Sundeep 🙂

  5. These are great tips I always make the mistake of using hot water which is always by mistake but totally painful.

    1. karenmonica says:

      I used to use hot water too. But I am glad I made the change.

  6. Genny Gall (whatsupdearie) says:

    Actually, I have a regular morning and evening routine and one per week, I pamper me more, with deeper beauty treatments and so on.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Wow, that’s great. Your skin will definitely thank you 🙂

  7. Great tips! I will admit, there are times when I don’t feel like washing my face but I am always glad I do it after I do!

    1. karenmonica says:

      I do too at times. But I forced myself to it so I don’t have to worry about pimple breakouts the next day.

  8. These are great tips. My daughter has acne and she is impossible with it! Trying to get her to wash her face twice a day is one of the hardest things because someone told her it will strip the oils from her face completely! ARGH! I’ll have to show her this so she stops thinking I’m an idiot 😀

    1. karenmonica says:

      I hope these 7 golden rules help to solve her acne problem. 🙂

  9. These are some great tips, it was only recently I heard about the fact you shouldn’t cleanse in the shower, something I always do and must stop eek!

    1. karenmonica says:

      Yes, I heard about that too. It’s better not too. But sometimes you just get so used to doing it.

  10. If I’m being totally honest, there are things on this list that I’m definitely not doing. Time to make a change.

    1. karenmonica says:

      There is always a time for a change. Hope it does wonders for your skin.

  11. What a wonderful list of tips! I agree that toning is really important to achieve good skin. It is interesting that you mentioned cold water, as I always choose cold over warm as well without actually knowing what warm water could cause to our skin. Thank you for sharing these golden rules!

    1. karenmonica says:

      Your skin is going to thank you for toning and using cold water.

  12. Adriana Lopez says:

    Our skin is so delicate that cleaning it correctly is essential to keep it youthful. Thanks for the reminders.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Yes, the right cleaning steps will do wonders to our skin.

  13. I really do need to develop some sort of actual facial cleaning regimen. I keep putting it on my to do list but it ends up on the back burner more often than not.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Start with the basic cleaning steps first. With a busy schedule, I know it’s never easy to pamper ourselves daily.

  14. I really need to start cleansing more, I suffer really badly from dry skin and random breakouts. I need to get some good products and get myself into a routine.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Use skin care products that are suitable for your skin type.

  15. Thanks for sharing all these 7 golden rules, I need to change lot of my practice. I need to keep in mind .

    1. karenmonica says:

      You are welcome Swathi.

  16. I always use hot water (oops) and have never used toner! So glad I found this post!

    1. karenmonica says:

      Hot water usually dries the skin. Cold water is so much better.

  17. I know that using a brush for cleansing the face is better than your finger. I really should be finding a good one.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Yes, it’s better if you can get a good brush.

  18. I love cleansing my face and this tips is nice. I wanna try this all.

    1. karenmonica says:

      That’s great.

  19. Wow these are some great tips… I totally agree that we should not wash our face with piping hot water and also it’s hardy to use a bar soap or hand wash on your face 😃👍🏼

    1. karenmonica says:

      Yes, It’s always best to use cold water and to avoid bar soap 🙂

  20. The last one was a real surprise to me as I have always washed my face with hot water! I need to take these tips on board!

    1. karenmonica says:

      Try using cold water and see the difference 🙂

  21. Marjie Mare says:

    Very informative post. I recently moved and I am trying to find any idea to keep that place clean.

    1. karenmonica says:

      This post is actually about the golden rules for cleaning the face 🙂

  22. I’ve been trying to improve my skincare routine and I didn’t know so much of this stuff! I recently got a cleansing brush and now I’ll finally use it after reading this post.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Good for you, Rimsha. I need to get a new cleansing brush for myself too.

  23. I will have to respectfully disagree with you on the bar of soap thing. I wash my face with organic olive oil soap only and I look ten years younger. I think a much better advice would be to try the soap that works best for you.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Lucky you Akamatra. Because usually, a bar of soap is too harsh for the skin. But as long as it works wonders for your skin then it is best to continue to use it.

  24. I am loving your cleansing tips here. Many people I know still use a bar soap. I need to educate them.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Yes, a bar of soap usually is too harsh for the skin.

  25. In winters people tend to use lots of hot water to clean there face and it ends up with dry Cells .. These tips are going to be helpful

    1. karenmonica says:

      Yes, hot water does dry up the skin and can also cause breakouts.

  26. blair villanueva says:

    I don’t use directly the facial soap to my face rather, I make a soap bubble then massage it on my face. I do it 3x a day – morning, noontime and nighttime. Helps me to avoid pimples and acne.

    1. karenmonica says:

      If that routine works great for your skin then it’s best to stick with it. And for the rest that are using facial soap, maybe they can try your technique too.

  27. Bindu Thomas says:

    I really want to care my skin better. These are some golden tips for getting gorgeous skin. I also love using cold water over warm.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Hope these tips helps you to take care of your skin 🙂

  28. Thanks for the tips! I am not an expert at cleansing my face and I enjoyed and learned about how to really wash my face.

    1. karenmonica says:

      You are welcome Aisasami 🙂

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