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DIY Scarecrow Craft Ideas For Kids

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DIY Scarecrow Craft Ideas. Who doesn’t enjoy some fun craft activities with the kids? To get into the ‘seasonal’ mood lets get our hands busy by making some cute and creative scarecrows.

To make things easier for you, I have compiled 10 of the most creative and cutest DIY Scarecrow Craft Ideas. All you would need are some basic papercraft supplies. Below each scarecrow craft idea, there is a tutorial link. It is always easier to make a DIY project when you have a step by step guide.

DIY Scarecrow Craft Ideas For Kids

Before you begin, let’s make sure you have all the basic craft supplies that you need. What? Are you running out of craft supplies? Not to worry, at Save Dollar Stores, you can get almost any craft item that you need at a much cheaper price.

10 Creative DIY Scarecrow Paper Craft Ideas

1. Paper Bag Scarecrow

Why let those paper bags go to waste when you can create a cute scarecrow out of it. What I like about this paper bag scarecrow is that it looks so easy to make. I am sure kids would enjoy making these. Moms would enjoy it too, less mess since no painting involved.

paper bag scarecrow
Picture by Pint-Sized Treasures

Paper Back Scarecrow Tutorial by Pint-Sized Treasures

2. Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow

This is another papercraft scarecrow that uses recycled material. You only need one toilet paper roll to make a scarecrow. But why make only one when you can make a few and even used it to decorate your home for fall.

Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow
Picture by Red Ted Art

Toilet paper Roll Scarecrow Tutorial by Red Ted Art

3. Paper Plate Scarecrow

Paper plates make fun craft ideas. One of them is to create a paper plate scarecrow. Kids would enjoy making this because they can use this paper plate scarecrow as a face mask. Imagine all those laughter pretending to be a scarecrow.

Paper Plate Scarecrow
Picture by The Keeper Of The Cheerios

Paper Plate Scarecrow Tutorial by The Keeper Of The Cheerios

4. Fan Fold Scarecrow

This is another fun DIY activity with the kids because it involves the art of folding and glueing. Kids love to play with glue, don’t they? Just make sure to use the type of glue that are safe for kids.

Fan Fold Scarecrow
Picture By Meaningful Mama

Fan Fold Scarecrow Tutorial by Meaningful Mama

5. Popsicle Stick Scarecrow

Wondering what to do with all those unwanted popsicle sticks? Why not make a creative scarecrow for fall. Get the kids to join in the fun, they are going to love it. I think I am going to make one of this too and stick it on the mailbox.

Popsicle Stick Scarecrow
Picture by Crafty Morning

Popsicle Stick Scarecrow Tutorial by Crafty Morning

6. Craft Sticks And Corks Scarecrow

This DIY idea might not be suitable for the little ones because it involves some cutting using blades. But I guarantee once this craft stick scarecrow is completed, the little ones are going to enjoy playing with it. These mini scarecrows are perfect as fall garden decor too.

Craft Sticks And Corks Scarecrow
Picture by Crafts By Amanda

Craft Stick And Corks Scarecrow Tutorial by Crafts By Amanda

7. Paper Bowl Scarecrow

This is something similar to the paper plate scarecrow but instead of using a paper plate, why not use a paper bowl. The kids would always love to put together the scarecrow’s face and make it look unique and cute.

Paper Bowl Scarecrow
Picture by I Heart Crafty Things

Paper Bowl Scarecrow Tutorial by I Heart Crafty Things

8. Coffee Can Scarecrow

Ever thought of making a scarecrow out of a coffee can? This craft idea is so simple, almost anyone can make it. This coffee can scarecrow would make a lovely fall home decor too.

Coffee Can Scarecrow
Picture by Crafts By Amanda

Coffee Can Scarecrow Tutorial by Crafts By Amanda

9. Mason Jar Scarecrow

This mason jar scarecrow is simply adorable. How you design it, is absolutely up to your creativity. It is not just a fun craft activity with the kids, but you can even make money this fall by selling mason jar scarecrows.

Mason Jar Scarecrow
Picture by Easy Peasy And Fun

Mason Jar Scarecrow Tutorial by Easy Peasy And Fun

10. Pizza Pan Scarecrow

This pizza pan and clothespin scarecrow is an amazing idea. The kids would love to clip the clothespin around the pizza pan. Ain’t this going to look gorgeous if you hung it at your front door or even on bedroom doors.

Pizza Pan Scarecrow
Picture By The Keeper Of The Cheerios

Pizza Pan Scarecrow Tutorial by The Keeper Of The Cheerios

I hope you enjoyed all these creative DIY Scarecrow Craft Ideas as much as I do. DIY craft activities like this will surely get the kids excited and focussed. You can also turn some of these craft ideas into some lovely fall decor ideas as well.

10 DIY Scarecrow Craft Ideas For Kids

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Thank you for reading and enjoy your craft time.

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