14 Valentine's Day Desserts
Dessert Recipe

14 Sweet And Romantic Valentine’s Day Desserts

14 Easy Valentine’s Day desserts that would melt the heart of your love one. Are you planning something special to wow your sweetheart? Why not surprise that special someone with these sweet treats on Valentine’s Day. Sweet and romantic desserts are something that almost everyone looks forward to on Valentine’s Day. Special homemade sweet treats …

How To Make A Kusudama Flower
Paper Craft Tutorial

Step By Step Kusudama Flower Tutorial

Step By Step Kusudama Flower Tutorial. Before we begin learning how to make this origami flower, let me briefly explain about the Kusudama Flower What Is A Kusudama Flower? According to Wikipedia, Kusudama which means medicine ball in Japanese is a paper craft that is created by sewing multiple identical looking flowers folded from origami …

9 Easy Vegan Breakfast Recipes
Recipe Vegan

9 Easy Vegan Breakfast Recipes To Start Your Day

Searching for some easy vegan breakfast recipes to kickstart the new year? Besides setting goals for success, we should also practise self-care and improve our wellbeing. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. To be able to achieve our daily goals, we should start with something to boost our energy. Taking a healthy …