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11 Origami Ideas That Are Popular And A Must Try

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Origami Ideas are one of the many paper crafts activities that many enjoy. It is fun, a good stress therapy and you get to practice you creative skills. Its the art of folding that brings joy. Especially when you can turn a flat square sheet of paper into something cute and useful.

Throwback years ago when I was a 4 year old kid, my aunt taught me how to make a ball from a sheet of paper. I remember being so excited. Though at that time I didn’t know what Origami was. I am not sure if my aunt did too.

Over the years, Origami has gotten more popular. Almost everyone are searching for Easy Origami Ideas to make. Kids at schools are also learning to make Origami Crafts with paper.

Being a fan of paper crafts myself, I have decided to compile some fun and easy Origami Ideas in this blog post. All the ideas below are suitable for both kids and adults.

11 Easy Origami Ideas Step By Step

Kusudama Origami Flower Tutorial

Kusudama origami flower

One of my favourite origami crafts with paper is the Kusudama Flower. Over the years, I have made more than 100 colourful Kusudama flowers. I used these origami flowers for my other paper craft projects too. You can learn to make it by following the Step by Step Kusudama Flower Tutorial

Origami Bookmark Craft

Origami bookmark

This Unicorn Origami Bookmark by The Inspiration Edit is easy to make. The kids would surely enjoy making it. I think that this bookmark make a perfect origami gift ideas for those that love to read.

The Origami Cup

origami cup

In need of a cup but can’t find any while you are stuck in the jam? Don’t worry, The Origami Cup by Strength & Sunshine could save your day. It is so easy to make, that you could even teach your kids to do it.

Origami Paper Earrings

paper earrings

Using some pretty patterned origami paper, you can make some gorgeous Origami Earrings. If you are making this with kids, you could even ask them to get creative and paint some lovely patterns on a blank sheet of paper. Just follow the Origami Leaf Earring Tutorial by The Artisan Life.

Origami Bows

origami bows

Learn to make a few colourful Origami Bows by Gathering Beauty. You can add these origami bows on your gift boxes. This is a skill that will come in very handy especially when you are wrapping birthday or Christmas presents.

Origami Lantern Garland

lantern garland

The Origami Lantern Garland is another origami idea by The Artisan Life. To make this origami paper craft, you will also need a strand of white LED lights beside the basic origami paper. To make the lantern garland look even more beautiful, I will suggest you use colourful or patterned origami paper.

Fun And Easy Origami For Kids

Origami Frog That Jumps

origami paper frog

Kids would love this Origami Frog idea by Steam Powered Family. You can also make an origami frog jumping game that the kids could play. All you need is a very thin sheet of origami paper. Which is pre cut at 6″ by 6″ . Just take a sheet and fold it into a frog. But if you are using any ordinary sheet of paper, you got to measure and cut it accurately.

Origami House

origami paper house

The Origami House by The Kitchen Table Classroom is another build and play origami idea. Using different sizes of origami paper sheets, you can build loads of paper houses in no time. Use colourful papers to make colourful houses. The kids would have so much fun folding and building.

Easy Origami Stars

easy paper stars

These easy to fold Origami Stars by Red Ted Art is not only popular at Christmas but all year round. You can fold tiny colourful origami stars to decorate your handmade cards. These paper stars also would make pretty deco for your kids bedroom.

Origami Gift Boxes

paper gift boxes

These cute Origami Gift Boxes by Gathering Beauty is so easy to make, even the kids would enjoy folding it. You can fill this adorable paper boxes with little gifts or you could even keep you small accessories, like rings or earrings in it. Coins could fit in these origami boxes too. 2 sided origami paper are the most suitable to make these gift boxes.

Easy Origami Butterfly

easy origami butterfly

Use either patterned or colouful origami paper and make some beautiful butterfly. This Easy Origami Butterfly by Red Ted Art can be turned into some beautiful wall decor for your living room or bedroom. You can also add this pretty paper butterfly on your art project.

Origami Kit For Beginners

If you are interested to create more origami models, I would suggest that you purchase The Easy Origami Kit. It comes with a full illustrated 48 page instruction book and 25 sheets of origami paper with 5 different designs.

Another interesting origami kit that I am sure every origami fan would love is The Origami Zoo Kit. This kit also comes with an instruction book that will teach you to make more than 30 origami animals. Also included are 25 sheets of paper.

Other Paper Craft Ideas That You Would Love

Are you interested in Origami? What do you think of these origami ideas that I have shared? What is your favourite origami model to fold? Do share your views in the comment section below.

Until my next post, Happy Crafting everyone.

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  1. These are awesome. My daughter is currently super into origami. I will have to show her these ideas…I know she will want to make them!

    1. karenmonica says:

      That’s great. Thank you Holly

  2. Neely says:

    I always wish I could do origami but I have zero patience haha!

    1. karenmonica says:

      Try making very simple ones first.

  3. Oh, this is perfect for one of the badges we have coming up with scouts! My boys would also enjoy making some of these at home.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Glad I shared it at the right time and I hope your boys would love these ideas.

  4. I have totally made all of these through the years. Definitely need to see if I can still fold paper well!

    1. karenmonica says:

      Wow you must have made quite a number of origami models I am sure.

  5. These are all such fun ideas!! I have never made origami, but will have to give it a try!!!

    1. karenmonica says:

      Try it, you might get addicted to origami…lol

  6. Christa says:

    I love origami crafting! It’s such a fun hobby and can be used so many ways. I’m going to try my hand at some of these.

    1. karenmonica says:

      Yes you are right. Origami models can be given as gifts too.

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