Why you should start a bullet journal
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10 Reasons To Start A Bullet Journal

A Bullet Journal is a creative and super fast technique to jot down all your thoughts in one place. It not only helps to make your work flow smoothly but most importantly it keeps you motivated to achieve your goals.

How To Start A Bullet Journal And Organize Your Blog

Being a blogger can be very stressful if you don’t plan your workflow.  Blogging is not only about writing articles but you have to reach out to your audience as well.  If your blog is a one man show,  you are going to get stressed out. It would be worst if you don’t plan your work well. It is so much harder when you are starting a new blog.  There will be a never ending list of task to be done.

Why You Should Plan Using A Bullet Journal

I was having difficulties when I started this blog.  I needed a good planner to list out my goals, daily task, post ideas, workflow and tons of other task.  Unfortunately there weren’t any suitable planner for me to jot down everything in one place.  I had no choice but to combine a few planners. Sadly I got more stressed when I lost track of some important task along the way and my workflow got badly effected.

That’s when I gave Bullet Journaling a try. I bought a suitable size notebook and started jotting down everything that I needed to do. To remind me to stay motivated, I wrote down my daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. Slowly my bullet journal became a stress therapy. I wrote down anything and everything that crossed my mind. And I noticed that I became more focus and very productive.

If you are thinking that A Bullet Journal may not be suitable for you, these 10 Reasons To Start A Bullet Journal below might change your mind

A Bullet Journal Is So Much Fun

All you need is a note book and a pen. Ok maybe you need some colour pencils or stickers to add in more fun. No more long paragraph writing. No permanent tables or charts to filled up.  You can create your own layout for every task or goals or ideas or whatever that you want to write about.  Draw, scribble or colour your thoughts and ideas, task and goals. Jot down everything in point form.

10 Reasons To Start A Bullet Journal

Polish That Creative Side In You

We all have a creative side. Remember as a child we love to draw and colour. That’s when we set our imagination run free. Unfortunately as an adult, that creative side of us are slowly forgotten. Why let that creative side go to waste. Let’s be creative and think creative. Add some colours, stickers or quotes to your bullet journal. Colours enhance that positive aura within us. We need something to keep us motivated to complete each task and achieve every goal.

Improves Mental Health

Mental health issues are reaching an alarming rate. Stress is a key factor to mental health issues. Having a bullet journal is like having a best friend with you 24/7. When you are feeling down or unproductive, just go on and pour your heart out in your bullet journal. Jot down whatever that is troubling you or stopping you from achieving your goals. Once everything is written on paper, you will have a clearer mind to find a solution to your problems.

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Your Thoughts Will Be More Organize

A bullet Journal is the same as mind mapping. It will be a place for you to organize your thoughts in a creative way. Sometimes you will have so much to do, that you will lose track of a few task. By jotting it all down in your bullet journal, you will be more organize and definitely more productive.

You Will Get Things Done Instead Of Just Planning

When you have a List To Do page in your bullet journal, you can clearly see every task that needs to be done. It is up to you to make it daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. Each time you complete a task, make it a habit to cross it out from your list. This step acts as a motivation for you to be more productive in future. The joy of seeing every task in a To Do List had been crossed out is unexplainable. You should give it a try and you have to experience that feeling yourself.

There Is No Wrong Way In Bullet Journaling

There are no rules to follow in a bullet journal. It’s just that everything has to be short and sweet in point form. Don’t get stressed out if you messed up a page or two in your bullet journal. After all that’s your very own private journal. No one would ever know that you messed up. Don’t let anything hold you back from jotting down your thoughts. As long as your bullet journal is making you more productive and nearer to your goals then you are on the right track.

Create Your Style And Be Unique

As I mention earlier, design your bullet journal the way you want it to be.  If you are a minimalist then maybe you would want your bullet journal to be as simple as it could be. But if you are someone that love art and craft, then you would want to decorate, draw and colour every page of your bullet journal.

How to start a bullet journal


Record Your Journey

Keep a record of every step of your journey in your bullet journal.  By recording it all, you can track your progress and build a consistent workflow. Jot down every failure and achievements.  Your failure will help you to grow and your achievements will keep you motivated. A bullet journal can be a keepsake for future references. One day you will look at every page and see how far you have come.

There Is A Huge Bullet Journal Support Community

You can easily find a huge support community for inspiration or motivation to start your bullet journal.  Just look up for bullet journal and you will find tons of creative and fun ideas. Reach out to the community for support if you need any.

Reflect On Your Personal Growth

There are loads of journal prompts online for you to reflect on your personal growth.  When you are having a blogger’s block or feeling blue, just choose a prompt and fill your thoughts in a page. Every reflection of your personal growth will shape you to be a better you.

So are you ready to start your very own bullet journal?  If you have any questions, do leave a message in the comment section below. Or if you are a fan of bullet journaling,  I would love to hear your inspiration and bullet journal ideas. Do share it with me.

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  1. I’m down with the idea and motivation behind bullet journaling (any written/physical journaling, for that matter), but my problem is that I’ll start a day or two, then I never go back to it again! I’ve heard such good things from friends and colleagues about their experiences keeping a bullet journal though— so I may give the habit creation for it one more try. 🤞🏻

    1. karenmonica says:

      I understand you Kristina. I usually have the same problem. It feels so routine when you got to write in you journal day after day. To help me stick to this bullet journal, I only write when there is something important I want to remember. Or when I do a brainstorming for blog ideas. Maybe you can try it out too.

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